INsight/ Your Big Why


Malang, 22 November 2017 — Questions starting with why can be confronting, and coaches using them with caution. Yet they can bring us to face our greatest opportunities to lead change.  

Simon Sinek's question

It is now eight years ago that Simon Sinek gave his famous TEDx talk that prompted a global wave of attention for the Why question. Commercially, the message was that people are more interested to buy your product if they know why you do what you do, rather than just what you do and how you do it. 

Sinek's discourse, however, went far beyond the commercial angle. "Finding your Why” has become his personal quest, which he enthusiastically shares with a global audience. I recommend you to have a look at his work. 

Everyone has a Why, according to Sinek, who then goes on to explain that our Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires us. And that "when we discover our Why, we are better able to find the clarity and confidence to choose the careers, organizations, communities, and relationships that are most likely to inspire us.”

I couldn’t agree more.

When was the last time you spent an hour or a day reflecting on your Why, your purpose? I know that my times pondering the Why question have been among the most fulfilling moments I have experienced in my life.

Sinek’s reminders are timely because we are often so engrossed in the details (the What and How of our work and play) that we forget to look up and see the bigger picture of our lives and where we’re heading.

Hence we may miss important opportunities and even make wrong choices. 

The Why of your leadership

Let’s take this a step further, and focus on your leadership. 

My challenge to you this week is to take a step back and revisit the reasons why you want to expand your leadership abilities. What is the difference you want to make in this life, to yourself and to others?  

If, like me, your quest is to walk your leadership journey to bring out your best Self—like carving a masterpiece from a block of stone—what will the masterpiece in you look like? And what help do you need in the process of letting it come out into the open?

Answering these questions will help you realize your purpose in life and work, and appreciate why you should get up brightly in the morning. Our life is full of opportunity if we make the right choices in living it.

My current source of joy and fulfillment is to help leaders boost their influencing skills with the Work In All Colors method. It answers my Why question for my leadership. 

What about you? What answers your Why question for your leadership?