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Building leadership skills for high achievers

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Growing leaders with ambition


Growing Highly Motivated Leaders

If you are a high achiever, how is your leadership story unfolding?

What stretch goals have you set for 2018 for yourself, your team, and your business? 

What are you changing in your focus, your behaviors, and your habits to make this year your best so far?

Join Coach Wouter as he grows more leaders in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries in Asia and around the world.

Invite him to speak at your business event and explore how you can benefit from leadership training and coaching. 



Empowering teams for new solutions


The Color of Your Language

In the Work In All Colors training, you will discover:

1. Your Compass and Collaboration colors.

2. The colors your team members speak. 

3. Using the right color in each situation. 





Sharing stories of Asian leaders


Work In All Colors

Decoding the Language of Your Audience


Do you want to boost your influencing skills by connecting powerfully with your audience in your conversations, meetings, and public speaking?

Then get to know the 7 communication styles used by influential leaders around the world, including Nelson Mandela.

Take an assessment to discover your own personal profile of the styles you like and the styles you unconsciously reject.

Explore in a private coaching session how to make sense of your profile and discover the styles that you personally need to lead effectively.

To learn more about it, click the photo to visit our academy site. 

By taking the assessment and the coaching session, you are laying the foundation for mastering your skills to Work In All Colors and fully engage your audience anytime, anywhere. 

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Your most important step is the first one


The Seven Language Colors

You will be wondering by now what the communication styles—or languages—are that are marked by the seven colors. 

They are Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Turquoise. You can see them in the table below.

They keyword in the second column give you an idea of what is most important when you see the world through that color.

The slogan in the third column describes how you may show up in your behaviors and actions when you are driven by that color.

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Is most important and... fun!


How to get started?

Set up a call to discuss how Coach Wouter can help you transform your business.


Invite him as a keynote speaker, executive coach, facilitator of your management team retreat, leadership trainer for your staff, or personal mentor to navigate your career or life transition.

To lead the change you want to see, his coaching will help you take charge and see you through the process.






Who is Coach Wouter?


Introducing Coach Wouter

Coach Wouter is the Founder of TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore, with clients in Asia and beyond.

Known as a brilliant leadership coach, he brings out the best in people, breaks down barriers, and builds trust with all levels of the business. 

An international thought leader, speaker, author, facilitator, trainer and mentor, Coach Wouter has supported local communities, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, bureaucrats, journalists, government ministers, and royalty. 

Working at the Asian Development Bank for two decades, he led many change initiatives in Asia, including a doubling of the bank's water investments to $2 billion annually.

As a former monk, his style is warm and insightful, bringing a rare blend of East and West cultural backgrounds to his coaching skills. 

An engineer and scientist by training, with a master degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, he has helped clients in most Asian countries in investment projects, change management, stakeholder engagement, leadership development, collaborative research, innovation, and regional cooperation. 

Coach Wouter is a member of the International Association of Coaching. Besides leadership coaching, his passions include Asian cultures, sustainability, working with millennials, public speaking, writing, photography, and playing saxophone.

Check out Coach Wouter's LinkedIn profile for more information. 

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The best way to learn leadership


Working With Coach Wouter

Why choose Coach Wouter over someone else?  In three reasons, it is to take advantage of his knowledge, style, and inspiration.

1. Deep Knowledge

Tap into his experience of leading change in Asia and around the world, for more than three decades.

Solve problems using his deep knowledge of the leadership methods that work for your business.

2. Engaging Style

Choose his engaging style if you like to expand your skills, your awareness, and your knowledge at the same time.

Discover how to combine what you learn to take your leadership to the next level in your work and life.

3. Inspiration for Results

Feel energized by his flow of inspiration as you take on challenges to practice new skills and behaviors at work.

Experience breakthroughs for the changes you want to see. Be accountable to keep making progress. Achieve results that inspire you and the people around you. 

When you work with Coach Wouter, you learn how leading always starts with what you think and how you show up, right now.

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Where high performance matters most


Visualize Your Result

Take a moment to visualize that you are the person in purple.

You are ready to transform into a leader with personal power to be curious, cheerful, and convincing.

Then, as you transform, you are growing a golden circle of influence in your life, your business, and our world. 

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Can you see it?  Then you can start your transformation now.

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A new story of transformation begins


Clients and partners include


What Leaders Said

Wouter is a brilliant leadership coach. His ability to understand a person and bring out the best in him is unique. I have benefited immensely through his guidance, and I recommend Wouter highly as a leadership coach.
— Rizwan in Singapore
Wouter is excellent at team building and breaking down barriers. He did an excellent job for a large, multicultural team in Seoul, patiently using his experience to bring the group closer and discover the human side of organizations. He was very well-received. I would highly recommend Wouter - he listens, prepares in advance, and delivers with his heart and mind.
— Mahua in South Korea
Those who have or will have an opportunity to work with Wouter will benefit hugely from his ability to guide, encourage and bring the best out of a person and institutions.
— Ravi in India
When I joined the Work in All Colors training, I learned about the importance of knowing our audience’s language, so that we can select our communication color that is understandable to our audience, and we can deliver our message in a better way. Thank you, Coach!
— Didik in Indonesia
I feel more fulfilled now because I got to know myself better and can focus on the important things in both my life and my work. Wouter’s coaching also helped me to develop a new approach to project design using the strengths of the clients.
— Hubert in Viet Nam
Coach Wouter has provided me room to reflect on my own personal development and ability for self-mastery to take on the process of leadership.
— Weena in the Philippines
Wouter knows how to steer you into a self-confident leader. He is a seasoned professional with a depth of experience in big and small organizations that are at the core of Asia’s growth and development. I warmly recommend Wouter as a coach and trainer to anyone who wants to develop the influence and impact they need in their life, their team and their organization.
— Marisha in Thailand
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Bringing out the best in people and organizations

Wouter is an excellent coach who can bring out the best in a person and enlighten him or her. We need more leaders like Wouter.
— Reba in Bangladesh
Wouter is an excellent coach, a good listener, and a great team builder. His teaching content on leadership is up to date. I highly recommend Coach Wouter as a leadership coach and trainer.
— Danish in India
Work In All Colors is a great program and I can’t wait to talk about it more when we meet again. Thank you Coach Wouter!
— Novy in Indonesia
As a senior advisor of our Center, Wouter offers effective suggestions and he is also a very nice person to work with, always ready to help and easy to learn a lot from.
— Jianming in China
Wouter is a very inspiring coach. He helped me to see the leadership inside. His teaching and coaching to become a leader surpassed my own understanding of the potential I had within me. I strongly recommend Coach Wouter if you need leadership training and coaching.
— Mebeelo in Japan
Wouter shared leadership knowledge in a highly accomplished and masterful manner. His classes were structured and easy to follow, and I felt challenged and motivated to apply what I learned. After almost three months, I still feel empowered by the course. I recommend Coach Wouter to anyone who wants to learn about leadership and—importantly—about themselves and how to become a leader.
— Tom in Japan
Wouter builds trust in a systematic manner with all levels in an organization. He coaches within a clear framework but is flexible to allow creativity. His recent workshop undertaken with the senior executives in our organization was well received by all and has enabled the group to work more coherently.
— Robert in South Korea
Coaching by Wouter really helped me when I needed to make an important career decision. I discovered my strengths, and benefited from precise advice at the right moment, drawing on his vast professional experience. I am now leading my life forward again with confidence. I highly recommend Wouter as a leadership coach and mentor in career development.
— Yumiko in Japan


Learning about stage presence.

Wouter is a great and very inspiring coach. My experience being coached by him led me to decide my way in the following years. He helped me by giving me advice like a father and a friend but also through different exercises that made me realize how powerful could I be. I definitely recommend Wouter as a coach to any person who wants to become a water leader!
— Karen in Colombia
Training with Coach Wouter truly shaped my life and helped me to find myself.
— Tatek in Ethiopia
Wouter’s coaching both inspired me to consider new ways of thinking and reminded me of strengths in myself and others.
— Jill in Japan
Wouter showed me how to trust my own qualities and use them more. I was rewarded with better results.
— Javier in the Philippines
Wouter has an international reputation as someone who is passionate about fostering leadership in order to produce sustainable water management solutions. He is a highly respected water leader, mentor and coach.
— André in Australia
Wouter is a water Guru and water community of practice leader. He is a capable water leadership coach and I benefitted from his skills.
— Akhtar in Pakistan
A clear, thoughtful and compassionate professional. A respected source of leadership in the water sector, and a highly effective coach and mentor.
— Brian in Australia
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Your Own Leadership Development Plan

Wouter’s style is warm, insightful and very effective. He brings a rare blend of an east and west cultural background to his coaching skills. Wouter has the knack to expand his client beyond self-imposed limitations.
He inspired me to be bold. My confidence surged as a result of visualizing great results and being supported by Wouter to achieve them.
— Flo in the US.
There are times in life when we need guidance to see our path with more clarity and to find the direction in which to go. Wouter is the person to turn to in such instances. He is able to guide a conversation, ask the right questions and then distil the answers in a way that brings clarity and direction to that path. The energy he brings into his coaching sessions is inspiring and his recommendations are always pertinent. He is a fantastic coach and I thoroughly recommend him.
— Zaki in the Netherlands
Group coaching with Wouter was a wonderful chance for all team members to become more open then closer to one another… I learned to co-create solutions with clients and partners in projects, using open questions.
— Team in Viet Nam
Powerful questions and clever facilitation during coaching sessions have guided me to find my own practical solutions to reach my leadership goals. I also learned how to use different types of “intelligence” for my life and work environments. I am more productive now.
— Chris in Indonesia

Start Your Transformation Now

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