2018:  Are You Ready?

Click on the Happy Holiday wish to listen to a short celebration of Working In All Colors in 2017 and a message for the new year.

This combi of audio, message and worksheet comes to you courtesy of the Yumpu platform, which I have just joined. Feedback welcome! Expect more interactive audio and video in the new year. Thanks to all of you who suggested that, including the leader I quoted below!

If people do not have much time, they can listen your messages in the subway or in a break at work, or watch a video. I find this a very interesting and more personal way of communication.

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Boost Your Influencing Skills in 2018

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Lead In All Colors

You will discover:

1. Your preferred leadership role.

2. The other roles you need to take your team and your business to the next level. 

3. How to make a difference by using the right leadership role in each situation. 

Work In All Colors

Decoding the Language of Your Audience

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Do you want to boost your influencing skills by connecting powerfully with your audience in your conversations, meetings, and public speaking?

Then get to know the 7 communication styles used by influential leaders around the world, including Nelson Mandela.

Take an assessment to discover your own personal profile of the styles you like and the styles you unconsciously reject.

Explore in a private coaching session how to make sense of your profile and discover the styles that you personally need to lead effectively.


By taking the assessment and the coaching session, you are laying the foundation for mastering your skills to Work In All Colors and fully engage your audience anytime, anywhere. 

Who is Coach Wouter?

Coach Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriëns is CEO at TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore, with clients in Asia and beyond.

Known as a brilliant leadership coach, he brings out the best in people, breaks down barriers, and builds trust with all levels of the business. 

An international thought leader, speaker, author, facilitator, trainer and mentor, Coach Wouter has supported local communities, professionals, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, journalists, ministers, executives, and royalty. 

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Working at the Asian Development Bank for two decades, he led many change initiatives in Asia, including a doubling of the bank's water investments to $2 billion annually.

As a former monk, his style is warm and insightful, bringing a rare blend of East and West cultural backgrounds to his coaching skills. 

When you work with Coach Wouter, you learn how leading always starts with you, right now.

How to get started?

Set up a call to discuss how Coach Wouter can help you transform your business.

Invite him as a keynote speaker, executive coach, facilitator of your management team retreat, leadership trainer for your staff, or personal mentor to navigate your career or life transition.

To lead the change you want to see, his coaching will help you take charge and see it through.

Why work with Coach Wouter?

Why choose Coach Wouter over someone else?  In three reasons, it is to take advantage of his knowledge, style, and inspiration.

1. Deep Knowledge

Tap into his experience of leading change in Asia and around the world, for more than three decades.

Solve problems using his deep knowledge of the leadership methods that work for your business.

2. Engaging Style

Choose his engaging style if you like to expand your skills, your awareness, and your knowledge at the same time.

Discover how to combine what you learn to take your leadership to the next level in your work and life.

3. Inspiration for Results

Feel energized by his flow of inspiration as you take on challenges to practice new skills and behaviors at work.

Experience breakthroughs for the changes you want to see. Be accountable to keep making progress. Achieve results that inspire you and the people around you. 

Visualize Your Result

Take a moment to visualize that you are the person in purple and that you are transforming into a leader with personal power and an expanding golden circle of influence in your business and world. Why not start now?

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