OUTreach/ Where Are You Going?


Ubud, Indonesia - 31 December 2014. The year has flown by, and many new friends from Asia and the Pacific, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Australia and Europe have discovered the road for aspiring leaders to become confident and influential change makers, starting right where they are. When it comes to developing your leadership, where you are going is much more important than where you come from.

The aspiring leaders who made a commitment this year to develop their personal power and transform into their best included business executives, water experts, sustainability leaders, energy managers, regional and urban planners, utility specialists, engineers, research leaders, social scientists, lawyers, medical doctors, young professionals and students. Many have already prepared a personal leadership development plan and are now working to implement it in a challenging leadership project, supported by coaching and mentoring.

The thrill of investing in your own leadership to develop your personal power yields immediate dividends. "If you really want to find the keys to success in your personal and professional life, take the course," said one of the graduates of the leadership course he joined last September. "Everyone who wants transformation in his life and success in his future endeavor should join this course," said another, while a third graduate added that "you will have a lot of fun while learning."

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