INsight/ Map Or Compass?

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Ubud, Indonesia - 1 January 2015. How will you start your new year? Have you prepared your set of new-year resolutions with enthusiasm to make the best of your opportunities and improve on the last year? Do you know where you are going and what you have to change in order to get there? Have you mapped your journey to success?

What did you do with your resolutions last year? Could you see them through to success? Or did you loose sight of them a few weeks later as a mountain of work and daily chores took their toll and you felt unable to change your habits for more effective ones? What happened with your map?

There is a better and easier way to change. In stead of trusting a detailed treasure map to lead you to your gold this year, you can get there by learning to navigate simply, with your compass. What that means is learning to listen to your inner voice and to trust your intuition to get you going in the right direction, and then to keep doing that at every important step.

From the beginning of time, sages around the world have guided the aspiring leaders who came to them that there is a way to break free out of their daily rut and frustration and get on top of their life, and that is to develop your personal power, to transform first, from the inside out.

Finding your inner compass lets you choose and navigate your own course, and discover that the best fun in life, and your success in making a difference as a leader, comes from how your experience the journey rather than the destination.

Why not choose just one resolution this year, to reach your important goals in 2015 with more fun and less stress? Set your map aside and use your compass to have more fun on your journey, starting today. I want to hear from you about your experience doing this - please share it in the comments.

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