SURVEYing/ Leader Roles And Masteries

Ubud, Indonesia - 30 December 2014. Haven’t taken the survey yet? Click here to contribute your voice as an aspiring leader and join the discussion. And sign up here to get news about leadership development programs coming your way. Now for an update on the results so far.

Most popular leadership roles to develop? Based on survey results to date, the most wanted roles were coach leader, change leader, and team leader, followed by the roles of champion, enabling, strategic, mentor, managing and thought leader. The least interest was shown so far for the role of executive leader. 

Where to improve most? When considering what it takes to become an effective leader, where did the aspiring leaders feel lowest confidence and the highest need to improve? They ranked their mastery of effective communication lowest by far, confirming international research findings about the fundamental importance of this mastery for leadership. The next three masteries with low-confidence scores were self-motivation and discipline, self-awareness, and collaboration across boundaries. 

You guide us. We love to hear from you, and will continue to update the results regularly. Your feedback guides us in developing leadership programs that suit your priorities.