INsight/ Desire to Connect

Photo by Rawpixel on Pexels

Photo by Rawpixel on Pexels


Manila, 25 September 2019 — The skill to connect with people is your first step for influencing change.

A Human Desire

The desire to be recognized and valued is a basic human need we all have, both in our work and private life.

No wonder then, that we feel special when we meet and listen to someone who understands what is important to us and who can express that with words that touch us.

Feeling recognized that way can, in fact, make you feel a deeper connection with such a leader, a feeling of being at ease, and a sense of being heard and included in a bigger purpose.

It might even give you goosebumps, like what you can feel unexpectedly when your national anthem is being played for a compatriot winning in an international competition. Know that feeling, of wanting to sing along?

When we meet a leader who can make us feel connected like that, either in a one-on-one conversation or when meeting as a team or larger group, it not only makes you feel good.

It actually opens a door to make new things possible. You could, for example, decide to support a change, to join forces for a shared goal, or to start a new project together.

The Skill to Connect

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could also trigger that kind of deep and authentic sense of connection in the people you meet and work with?

What would it be worth to you to learn how to do that? I am sure that, for many readers who are aspiring leaders, learning this ability to connect deeply with people is worth investing quite a large sum of money for.

Now, what if I told you that you can learn the leadership skill to connect with people, and do so free of charge?

There is a catch though, I have to warn you. You will need to make a commitment!

What commitment?

A Community of Leaders

The opportunity I am telling you about is to join a Community of Leaders where you will learn and practice effective leadership behaviors, working together with peers from different backgrounds and generations.

To join the community, you commit to influencing a change in your workplace (business, organization, or project) together with three colleagues you invite to join with you. We call it the Grow3Leaders challenge.

Collab is what we call your new small team within the community because you will work together (Col as in collaborate) and experiment (Lab as in laboratory) with modern ways of influencing positive change in support of a bigger purpose, like sustainability.

When you join, what you will have in common with the other members of the community is a commitment to influence change in your workplace, and to share your on-the-job experiences, challenges, and inspirations as you work to make the change happen.

If this opportunity I shared has touched a chord with you, then visit Grow3Leaders to request your invitation to join us free of charge—not free of commitment.

Our community’s theme for October is how leaders can Connect with their audience, and that is exactly what we started exploring above.