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Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash


Manila, 18 September 2019 — Healthy rivers are the lifeblood of our societies. Is your river healthy?

Among the leadership challenges I know about, one of the toughest is in natural resources management, especially, to restore our rivers back to health and make them more resilient in the face of rapid urbanization, environmental degradation, and a changing climate.

The fourth Sunday of September—on 22 September this year—is when we celebrate World Rivers Day. That celebration is fast becoming a necessity, as most of the world’s rivers are far from healthy.

What about Your River?

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Turning now to what you and I can do to make rivers more healthy…

Next month, policymakers, researchers and passionate activists from countries around the world will come together to promote river resilience. I look forward to meeting up with you at the International Riversymposium, hosted this year by the city of Brisbane on 20-24 October. It’s a good opportunity to make your voice heard and join in the action with other champions.

Want to find out more about what goes on there and how to explore leadership, collaboration, and celebration to build river resilience through integrated basin management? Then check out the work of the International RiverFoundation, the organizer of the event and coordinator of the discussions.

See you in Brisbane!

P.S. You can get in touch with me anytime if you are interested in leadership for healthy rivers, including for Your River!