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Jakarta, 2 January 2019 — Research shows that New Year resolutions rarely have a happy ending. It’s time to jump into a better way.

Do you care about the results you want to achieve this year? Most people do and I expect that you, as a leader, do too.  To achieve those results, good intentions are not enough. Neither is having good reasons for achieving the results. Reasons all too easily turn into excuses for not achieving them when the going gets tough. 

To get the results you want, you need to go beyond reasons, that is, to become unreasonable with yourself 

In an earlier post, I explained what it takes to do that. We “need to look into the skills we need to achieve them, the habits we need to replace to get us there, and the time we need to invest to work with focus and without distraction.”

It takes perseverance, and an important question to ask yourself is if you’re going to make the difference by yourself, or with others?

Most people making new year resolutions feel driven individually, by a guilty conscience about what they did not achieve in the last year, and perhaps also about letting down their self-control while indulging in comfort food, as many do in the end-of-year season.

I’m not suggesting that you stop creating good intentions for the new year. I challenge you to go a step further, to get into a better position to see good results from your intentions. 

Your Leadership Project

How to do that? By turning your good intentions into a Leadership Project that you cannot alone.

When your goals for the new year become an opportunity for working together with others, you can tap the power that comes with connecting, co-creating, and collaborating. 

Furthermore, the accountability that comes with doing a project together will support you in seeing it through.

The question for this week is, therefore, what leadership project you will create to stretch yourself this year in collaboration with one or more partners, starting now.

Learning more about leadership together in a project will help you make more progress this year than you thought possible, especially when the going gets tough.

That’s the road to becoming a high achiever in 2019. Start your Leadership Project now, with a jump!

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