INsight/ Reasons Or Results?

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Ubud, 1 January 2017 — Happy New Year to you, dear readers of TransformationFirst.Asia! After celebrating your achievements of 2016, have you already written up the 2017 results that you want to celebrate next December? What I mean is, your results rather than new year resolutions? 

Getting clear about our 2017 results was part of a Christmas coaching webinar I co-hosted with Judee Quiazon last week for emerging leaders in the Philippines as part of our service for Natalie in the Light Inc., the NGO to empower young leaders, in memory of my daughter Natalie. 

One of the tools we offered to the participants was to help them choose how to live their life in 2017, guided by either reasons or results. We asserted that these two were mutually exclusive as guiding principles for our life. 

The start of the new year is a great time to make the choice to live by reasons or results.

To achieve the results we want most this year, good intentions are not enough. We need to look into the skills we need to achieve them, the habits we need to replace to get us there, and the time we need to invest to work with focus and without distraction.

On New Year’s Day today I took ample time to determine the results that I will celebrate at the end of 2017. And, mindful of the tool, I rephrased several earlier goals, intentions and plans into simple and firmly-worded results

What about your results in 2017? 

Reasons and results are mutually exclusive. I choose results.
— Coach Judee Quiazon