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Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash

Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash


Manila, 29 August 2018 — Powerful ideas change the way we live. Are your ideas compelling enough to transform yourself and others?

Whether the positive change you are influencing is about higher efficiencies at work, achieving results more consistently, or creating a better product or service, it is the quality of your ideas that count. 

Dreaming up a great idea in your head is a good start. However, it will not transform anyone or anything until you are able to frame and share that idea in a compelling way with the people you want to benefit from it.

The first person to compel is yourself. You cannot influence other people successfully with your idea if you have not convinced yourself first. And that takes more than creating the idea. You need to work on it to flesh out the idea and get clear on its concept, content, and context.

That is what the founder of Thought Leaders Business School taught me. I discovered how Matt Church is a genius in helping clever people become commercially smart by working on the anatomy of their ideas.

As an alumnus of the school, I personally benefit every day from the teaching of Matt and his co-founder Peter Cook, and I have the highest regard for their ability to inspire, challenge, and support you on your thought leader's journey.

Today's good news is that you can now check out their latest work for yourself from wherever you are located. Matt and Pete have just published Think, their new book that explains the unique Pink Sheet Process for developing quality ideas. 

Click here to download a complimentary copy of their book and explore the illuminating and instructive videos on the Pink Sheet Process for capturing and developing your compelling ideas.

Why not start a journey of discovery now to make your best ideas compelling enough to transform yourself and others?

Watch Matt as he explains why this is important and how you can get started. 

Warmly recommended—with thanks to Matt and Pete for teaching me!

Matt Church introduces the Pink Sheet Process

Matt Church introduces the Pink Sheet Process

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