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Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash


Manila, 22 August 2018 — Struggling with work-life balance? Consider these tips to connect your personal leadership with your work.

What happens when there is a perfect balance? Nothing seems to move. I like to keep moving, so I prefer to focus on integration rather than on finding that elusive balance.

Work-life integration, I believe, is a better fit for our current ways of living, where gadgets connect all aspects of our life throughout the day. I see leadership in work and life as two sides of the same coin. What goes well (and not well) on either side is bound to affect the other side. We can't separate one from the other.

Here are three ways to work on seeing the two sides as one coin.

Beginner’s Mind

No matter how accomplished you have become at work, you will be more effective when you approach new situations in work and life with a beginner’s mind, as taught by Shunryu Suzuki, a Zen teacher.

A beginner’s mind inspires us to keep growing and seeing new perspectives and opportunities while appreciating that our glass is still only half full.

Many of the world’s wisdom traditions remind us to learn from children and to treasure the creativity, simplicity, and sense of wonder that children inspire in us. Can you still feel this when you are at work?

Challenge and Celebration

At work and in personal life, self-leadership will increase your personal well-being and performance when you challenge and nurture yourself at the right times.

Making an Individual Leadership Development Plan will boost your self-leadership and help you integrate your growth in work and life when you include challenging goals as well as celebrations for achievements and milestones.

That way, it is easy to be grateful for both challenges and celebrations.

Energy that Connects

This week I was inspired by what Alexa Fischer, a media specialist, pointed out in her Confidence on Camera training, available on Udemy. All our communications, she explained, are a transfer of energy.

The people we communicate with in our work and life are finely tuned to catch, subconsciously, whatever energy we are transmitting. Taking care of ourselves to maintain positive energy is therefore central to our success and leadership.

This energy perspective is yet another way of seeing how personal and work life are connected. It underlines the point that we should see them as connected, and get better at integrating them.

How are you integrating your leadership at work with your personal life? I look forward to hearing from you.

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