OUTreach/ Ready to Learn and Lead?

Manila, Philippines - 13 December. Leadership developers from businesses in the Philippines and Thailand came together in the L2 Learn to Lead event hosted by Life Coach Clarissa Calingasan and co-sponsored by TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd and Natalie in the Light Inc.

The participants kicked off by exploring how good leaders ask great questions, guided by John Maxwell. Linda Kaplan Thaler introduced the importance of the GRIT factor (guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity) in getting results. Participants then discussed how to tap into their creativity with Tim Sanders. Coach Clarissa wrapped up the talks by reminding that impossible is just a word, and shared how she adopts several personal challenges each year to go beyond expected limits to make the impossible possible.

A panel discussion the followed, to explore how businesses in the Philippines can promote leadership development in their companies at this time of ASEAN economic integration. Coach Wouter highlighted how businesses can decide to support aspiring leaders in developing their personal power to increase engagement, and drive change with intercultural awareness to lead across boundaries. Taking a cue from John Maxwell's challenge, the most important question may well be "What difference will you make?" Masaki Villagracia Mitsuhashi spoke on behalf of Natalie in the Light Inc. to underline the importance of empowered listening with an open mind.