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Photo by Sasin Tipchay on Pixabay

Photo by Sasin Tipchay on Pixabay


Manila, 28 August 2019 — Leaders share daily what moves them forward.

Leaders are influencers, according to the modern definition of leadership as a process of influence. I agree with this, and would add some characteristics that supplement this definition.

Leaders, in my experience, are people who chose to grow more leaders around them. They are known as givers rather than takers. They are committed to collaboration and bridging divides. That’s what drives them to generously share with others—on a daily basis—what moves them forward.

Leaders share daily what moves them forward.
— Coach Wouter

So what do leaders share? In my experience, they excel in sharing three things: questions, experiences, and challenges.

Share Questions

Good leaders ask great questions, it is said, and that is also my experience.

Leaders do that because they know that questions start conversations, and that leadership—influencing change—happens in conversations, which lead people to discover, create, and practice new solutions.

Share Experiences

Leaders know that it’s more effective to share experiences than to give advice.

Sharing experiences prompts their listeners to expand the conversation and explore new ways of thinking and action. Giving advice, on the other hand, tends to shut down conversations and thereby prevent creativity, progress and results from happening.

Share Challenges

Leaders engage with the 70:20:10 rule that says that 70% of their leadership growth comes from embracing challenges that are outside their comfort zone. Only 10% comes from taking training, and the remaining 20%—the glue as it were—is contributed by trusted peers, mentors and coaches through feedback and support.

Challenges are what mobilizes leaders into action and focuses their attention. Challenges also help to avoid the distractions and overwhelm that are so common in our world today. That’s why leaders also invite others to join them in their challenge or to create their own.

Share Daily

Finally, leaders know that by the act of sharing what moves them forward on a daily basis, they themselves will also benefit by consolidating their own learning, grounding their vision, and growing their alignment and commitment to their goals.

What are you sharing with other leaders around you?