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Photo by Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pixabay


Manila, 31 July 2019 — To use the power of questions, learn the art of asking them first.

The Power of Questions

Good leaders ask great questions, according to leadership guru John Maxwell, and I agree with him.

Even when you are just discovering the power of questions, it already has an impact on the people around you, including those you want to influence for positive change. Imagine your impact when you learn to master the art of asking questions?

It is not only other people who will benefit. Self-leadership prompts you to ask yourself questions, and to ask questions to your coach or mentor. Asking yourself the right questions will give you focus on your leadership journey.

Last week, during a face-to-face training intensive, several leaders took up my offer to collaborate using the format of brief laser coaching sessions. We agreed in advance that they would formulate their leadership challenge in the form of a question.

Afterward, it became clear from feedbacks that the time we spent addressing their specific and personal questions had generated a significant positive impact. It helped them find answers and focus on specific actions.

The Art of Asking Questions

The art of asking questions will be a prominent practice in the Community of Leaders that we are now preparing to launch in two week’s time. Are you interested?

Asking questions and sharing experiences—rather than giving advice—will open up new spaces for conversations and collaborative learning. That is what we want to do in the community.

Will that community be a good fit for you?

Yes — if you are passionate to drive change for sustainability and you are an executive, an expert, or an emerging leader with at least two years of working experience after your college degree.

Yes — if you are an engineer, city planner, water manager, social entrepreneur, or other development professional and you want to become a change maker in your workplace.

Yes — if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge of growing leaders around you to influence change together in your workplace, while also leveling up your own leadership skills.

After reading that, are you interested to join the discussion?

Membership of the community is by invitation and will be free of charge—not free of commitment. Sign up now to let us know what are you looking for in a peer learning community of sustainability leaders.

Join the pre-launch discussion for a community of leaders who learn collaboratively across generations to explore the future of work that is already in full swing today.