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Photo by Florian Perennes on Unsplash

Photo by Florian Perennes on Unsplash


Manila, 26 June 2019 — What will my next level look like? Have you worked that out already for your leadership?

It’s a question that many of the leaders I work with are asking themselves: “What will my next level look like?”

And if you think this is about getting their next promotion to move up the ladder in their business, you would be wrong.

Most of the time, they are exploring how to achieve their next level of performance, breaking through an invisible ceiling that has been holding them back, or making a smart career transition.

Other times they ponder how to get to the cutting edge of innovation, or how to champion a new way of collaboration across silos.

Influencing and driving such changes is what leaders do.

On the other hand, getting promoted in the hierarchy—climbing the grease pole, as it is often called—tends to produce more managers, and not necessarily leaders.

Moving upward in the hierarchy of your organization lacks a strong correlation to better performance and happiness. If a promotion is what drives you today, check again and avoid it becoming a Fatal Attraction in your career, as I mentioned in Lost in Transition.

So then, what will your next level look like, in the work you love doing? What change do you want to create through your work? What difference will you make and how many leaders will you grow around you in the process?

I’m curious to hear your answers.

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