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Manila, 21 February 2018 — Want to grow more leaders? Learn how André Taylor, my friend and collaborating partner in Australia, is modeling the way.  

Leaders growing more leaders is today’s paradigm for those who want to step up and make a difference in the world. We know that leadership is different from management and does not require a position of authority. Playing the leadership game is about influencing direction, aligning people and resources, and mobilizing commitment for results. 

In this post, we look at the example of a leadership specialist who is modeling the way in growing more leaders. André Taylor is my friend and collaborating partner in Australia and I always look forward to opportunities to collaborate with him in leadership development activities.

There is much to learn from André's example. He excels in designing and delivering training for sustainability and water leaders, and he also conducts research on the work he does. His articles in peer-reviewed journals are a rich source of knowledge, inspiration, and tools for leadership work.

A Curious Leader

André continuously demonstrates his interest in the progress of the leaders he trains, and also in expanding the body of knowledge on leadership development in the water industry. I enjoyed the chance to support André and his colleague Matthew Laing in discovering and framing six leadership roles that can be played by non-executive leaders. You can read our insights here

A Cheerful Leader

Effective leaders model a positive attitude, see opportunities where others might see problems, and help their trainees to reframe their experience and keep moving forward on their leadership journey. Especially when the going gets tough. Drawing on the experience in the training programs he leads, André has published his insights into six typical traps he has seen leaders fall into, and how to get out of them. Read his article here.  

A Convincing Leader

There is no mistaking André’s competencies in leadership and his hard work to keep expanding and refining his skills. He sets a high standard in thought leadership, in championing new initiatives, and in consistently delivering high-quality training programs. He demonstrates what it means to be a T-shaped water professional with highly advanced proficiencies in understanding, organizing, and influencing. The article he wrote on this topic with Brian McIntosh is a classic. Read it here.

Water and sustainability leaders from Australia and around the world are benefiting from André's expertise. His work with the International Water Centre in Brisbane focuses on growing more water leaders and has resulted in a high-quality water leadership program that is now in its seventh run.

André's work on water leadership is applicable outside the water sector too and will help any leader with curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in their business. Whether your interest in leadership is focused on water, sustainability, or business more in general, I highly recommend that you take a look at the three articles shared in this post.