NEWSflash/ Bali Leadership Retreat

Ubud, 9 May 2017 — Is your business ready for the Rise of the Millennials? Get prepared by joining our Bali Retreat for senior business managers on 16-21 July. Only 12 slots available.

By 2020, Millennials (GenY) will make up half of the global workforce, bringing profound changes to the way businesses are managed. Executives are already facing challenges to retain GenY managers, who have different values and views on how the success of a business should be measured. Staff attrition poses a high risk to profits, as Millennials work differently: they are mobile, keen on challenges and eager to develop their leadership abilities early on.

How long GenY managers in their early 30s will stay with a company largely depends on the values and skills of the senior executives to engage their motivation and retain their talent. The need for a change in business culture is urgent, and the margins for error are small. 

Companies who fail to change their culture face a high risk of losing out in competition and becoming obsolete.
— Coach Wouter

The Challenge starts at the Top

Many companies are already experiencing stagnation in their performance due to poor cross-generational collaboration, loss of talent, and uncertain succession. The challenge for businesses today is to start projects that change their culture to work differently with GenY managers, and find new ways to bring out the best in Millennials. 

If this is YOUR company’s challenge too, then join other Asian senior company managers in the GenY LEAD Bali Retreat 2017. Work with us and the other managers to lead from the Top and design Change Projects in your businesses that will double your competitiveness and unleash a wave of cross-generational collaboration in your workplaces in Asia.  This cultural change starts at the top of your company, with you.

Become a company of first choice for Millennials. Investing in the leadership of GenY managers will double your company’s competitive edge - It’s Your Choice!
— Coach Vanh