ACTivity/ Building Team Power

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Ubud, 6 February 2016 — Knowledge managers and green investment specialists of the Global Green Growth Institute in Seoul held a retreat to build their team power and create competitive knowledge solutions for project clients around the world, facilitated by Coach Wouter of TransformationFirst.Asia.

During the full-day program, the participants focused on boosting quality, relevance and new skills. Working in teams, they were empowered by using their personality aspects in working together, and by recognizing and creating three types of conversations. 

Getting to know their colleagues a lot better, and understanding what makes them tick, were among the key benefits reported after the retreat. Participants also shared how they enjoyed learning to be a coach, and how they they practiced new skills and tools to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients in 2016. 

"The best result was the positive energy that I brought home from the retreat," concluded one participant.