INsight/ Taking Diverse Perspectives

Manila, 6 December 2016 — Lance Gore helps government clients in South Asia in water projects, by working together to make changes happen through investments in infrastructure and capacity building.

He loves challenging projects in remote places, and I asked him what it takes to be successful in leading change with his clients.

Lance Gore works at the Asian Development Bank

Lance Gore works at the Asian Development Bank

In response, he shared three keys for success: 

  1. Establishing rapport with your clients
  2. Understanding others' perspectives
  3. Focusing on a common goal.

These three keys will only work, he added, if you understand the subject well to show the necessary competency to your client.

Where to start, I asked him.

"Start your work with unbiased preconceptions and a thorough understanding of the subject and goal, then you can support a diversity of thinking and appreciate different perspectives."

I loved how he focused on awareness and understanding.

Learning how to expand your situational awareness to take in more perspectives is an essential skill for leaders, and one that we work on in all our trainings.

Support a diversity of thinking and appreciate different perspectives.
— Lance Gore

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