OUTreach/ More Than Managers

Mentor as Coach Training at AIS June 2015.jpg

Manila, Philippines – 18 June 2015.  Teachers at Aguinaldo International School in Manila kicked off a mentoring initiative to support new colleagues who are joining the rapidly growing school. Coach Wouter led them in a training workshop how to use coaching as a mentoring style.

As the teachers practiced the roles of coach and coachee by working in pairs on their real-life issues, they discovered the power of asking great questions and listening without prejudice.

They also learned how coaching and mentoring form an important part of their on-the-job leadership development, guided by the 70:20:10 rule from international research that emphasizes experiential learning in challenging assignments. 

"The feedback from the mentors was amazing," shared the school's superintendent Timothy Boulton. "They feel empowered to be more than managers within a system. The prospect of being life coaches is more personal, meaningful and invigorating."

The mentoring initiative was started by Boulton and principal Lileth Cuaresma to promote excellence and leadership among the faculty.