OUTreach/ New Environmental Leaders

Beijing, 25 October 2015 — Students of the Global Environment Program at China's leading Tsinghua University organized a Q&A session on leadership development with Coach Wouter of TransformationFirst.Asia. 

Their questions were extensive and focused on the important factors for leadership training, how undergraduate students can improve their leadership in their daily life, how they can plan their life as early as possible, what's special in leadership training for sustainable development, how to balance academic and leadership training, what are Chinese models of leadership, and what role China can play in addressing international environmental issues, how to balance economic growth and environmental protection in developing countries, and many more. 

The students were well prepared and engaged in a lively discussion. They also responded to the challenge posed by Coach Wouter to decide on two personal actions right away to start their leadership development, using both inside-out and outside-in methods.