OUTreach/ Spreading Thought Leadership for Water Security

Wouter and Eelco BP20 Launch 2.jpg

Stockholm, Sweden - 29 August 2014.  Putting water security in practice is the focus of the Global Water Partnership's latest background paper #20. Authored by GWP Technical Committee members Eelco van Beek and Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriëns, it was launched in Stockholm ahead of the World Water Week that brought together 2,500 participants and 200 collaborating organisations from around 130 countries all over the world. The Global Water Partnership is a global action network for water security with more than 3,000 partners in 172 countries, and works through 85 country and 13 regional water partnerships around the world. 

In the paper, Eelco and Wouter outline a developmental approach to increase water security over time, and a risk-based approach focusing on managing risks and reducing vulnerabilities resulting from climate variability and water-related disasters. They show in examples how quantifying water security with smartly selected indicators and indexes helps to benchmark and compare experience, while such indicators will also guide local projects targeting specific improvements.

Download the paper here.