LEADer/ Designing for change management - Jan Willem Kirpestein

Leadership Coach Jan Willem Kirpestein joined the TransformationFirst.Asia team in March 2014. He is known for helping multinational and local companies boost corporate performance through transformational changes in executives and staff. As a leadership coach, board advisor, and architect of organizational development, he generates breakthroughs in cross-cultural cooperation among leaders, teams and stakeholders. His clients are in the banking, insurance, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Mr. Kirpestein is currently the director of Spirit Heart & Mind Corpus, where he supports companies to transform powerful and innovative corporate visions into strategies and implementation so that they operate as a whole, with engagement and trust at all levels. 

As an international advocate and architect of authentic and natural leadership, he has led several conferences in the Netherlands and China where CEOs and government leaders generated transformational change through a facilitated dialogue process that developed mutual trust.

In 2000, Mr. Kirpestein founded the Encounter of Worldviews Foundation to support corporate and government leaders in developing a global ethos. He also helped establish the Natural Leadership Foundation for leaders for the 21st century. He is an Emeritus Minister of the Netherlands Reformed Church, which he served in several parishses from 1985 to 2004.

Mr. Kirpestein holds a PhD degree in Cultural History of the Free University in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and degrees in Theology, Music, and Biology of the University of Utrecht.

He is the author of The Power Of Your Source (2013), and a co-author of Authentic Leadership through Will and Courage (in Dutch) with Johan Bontje en Willem Vreeswijk (2005).

Mr. Kirpestein is a national of the Netherlands, lives in Utrecht, and travels widely for his work with clients.