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Ubud, Indonesia - 9 November 2014. In my recent leadership courses in Delft and Tokyo, the participants came from all over the world. They explored important questions, like what kind of leader they wanted to become? What leadership roles attracted them most? And what it will take for them to become an effective leader, with a focus on developing personal power rather than relying on position power?

The requirements for effective leaders have changed over time. What was important ten years ago is not necessarily on the list anymore now. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, an international research leader on leadership development, some of the new abilities to be mastered are multi-cultural awareness, learning agility, and working together across boundaries. These complement timeless masteries such as self-awareness, effective communication, and self-motivation and discipline. What about technical competence? It held the top rank among leadership abilities for 10 years ago, and has now slipped out of the top 6. To be an effective leader in one's chosen profession, it remains a prerequisite for anyone wanting to make a difference. 

The feedback from participants in my recent courses suggest that they highly valued to master effective communication, self-motivation and discipline, self-awareness, and collaborating across boundaries. And they felt least confident in their mastery of these abilities. Many of the aspiring leaders I have coached, taught and mentored have asked me to write a book and create online resources to help them learn and grow in their own convenient place and time. I have taken up their challenge and I am now writing a book and creating an online leadership development program to support them.  This is part of my own transformation, which gained momentum after I left my satisfying corporate job just over a year ago to work full time on my passion, which is to help aspiring leaders in Asia become influential change makers and make a difference. You can read more about my story here.

To guide me further in this work, I created a survey below to receive more advice from a wider range of aspiring leaders, in Asia and beyond, and I am looking forward to hear from you soon. The information will of course be kept confidential. Mentioning your name is appreciated, although not required. Fields marked with * are required. Depending on how much time you take for self-reflection, it should take you between 5 and 15 minutes. Thank you for your time and interest.

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Survey: Where Does Leadership Mastery Matter Most To You?

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Pick one response to each of the following 6 statements. Use 'Strongly Disagree' if you have not yet committed to learning to master this ability. Choose 'Disagree' if you already have some experience and your ability is still very low. Pick 'Neutral' if you have a medium level ability that works for you sometimes. Choose 'Strong' if you feel you are well on the way and you get good results often but not yet consistently. Use 'Strongly Agree' if you are confident that you have already mastered the ability and you get good results consistently.
1) I HAVE MASTERED SELF-AWARENESS >>> I have woken up to my purpose and passion in life. I discovered my sources of energy to empower me. I have created a vision for myself in 10, 3 and 1 year from now and mapped my career direction. I selected the values that help me be true to myself and I know how to maintain my integrity. I learned how to take perspectives, see myself through other people’s eyes, and become aware of blind spots. I learned what strengths to build on, and what weaknesses to manage. And I know how to re-energize myself regularly.
2) I HAVE MASTERED EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION >>> I learned how to focus on the needs of my audiences, how to craft effective messages for them, and how to deliver them effectively in presentations, in various forms of writing, in asking powerful questions, and in deep listening. I found my voice and can confidently use my communication skills anytime and anywhere, and I thoroughly enjoy doing so. I appreciate change and resistance to change, and I know how to transform that resistance through awareness and communication.
3) I HAVE MASTERED SELF-MOTIVATION AND DISCIPLINE >>> I learned the importance of attitude, and how to manage my time and priorities to deliver results that matter for me in work and life. I have developed a fun and agile workflow for the outcomes I want, and this makes me productive and fulfilled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I know how to stay focused, and how to adjust my plans when the circumstances require that. I know how to motivate myself in a healthy and exciting way and how to transform my unproductive energies into positive ones.
4) I HAVE MASTERED MULTI-CULTURAL AWARENESS >>> I have expanded my personal and situational awareness of my own and other people’s behaviors and lines of intelligence, and of the stages of development that people and societies can evolve to, and how these are expressed in different world views, action logics and memes. I learned how to distinguish cultural differences in behaviors and how these matter to leaders and leadership. I know how to lead in a practical and culturally-sensitive way in the situations I find myself in.
5) I HAVE MASTERED COLLABORATING ACROSS BOUNDARIES >>> I learned to value collaboration and trust, and how to reach out and start leading people to initiate partnerships across the boundaries that tend to keep them apart in different functions, organizations, disciplines, expertise, stakeholders, genders, cultures, public-private, and geographical locations. I know how to build effective and efficient partnerships and networks where people work together in relationships of trust to produce better and more efficient results.
6) I HAVE MASTERED LEARNING AGILITY >>> I learned how to continually update my skills, perspectives and ideas when they are no longer relevant, with new ones that are. I developed my ability to remain open to new ways of thinking and to continuously learn new skills. I actively seek out feedback from others to learn from experience which helps me apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations. I know how to make meaning from negative experiences and in trying circumstances, to turn them into opportunities for learning, innovation, and success.