What people say about Coach Wouter

Those who have an opportunity to work with Wouter will benefit hugely from his ability to guide, encourage and bring the best out of a person and institutions.
— Ravi Narayanan, Governing Council Chair, Asia-Pacific Water Forum
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Wouter has an international reputation as someone who is passionate about fostering leadership... He is a highly respected water leader, mentor and coach.
— Dr André Taylor, Leadership Specialist
I feel more fulfilled now because I got to know myself better and can focus on the important things in both my life and my work. Wouter’s coaching also helped me to develop a new approach to project design using the strengths of the clients.
— H.J., Water Specialist
There are times in life when we need guidance to see our path with more clarity and to find the direction in which to go. Wouter is the person to turn to in such instances. He is able to guide a conversation, ask the right questions and then distill the answers in a way that brings clarity and direction to that path. The energy he brings into his coaching sessions is inspiring and his recommendations are always pertinent. He is a fantastic coach and I thoroughly recommend him.
— Z.S., Researcher
Wouter coached me through a challenging period in my career in which the threats were higher than the chances for success. Thanks to his continuous support I was able to find my strengths and I created a vision using them, which helped me found confidence in my new work. Wouter showed me how to trust my own qualities and use them more, leaving aside my weak points. His coaching infused my beliefs about myself giving me confidence to pursue a target. It was a different style, focusing on my own self capacity and I was rewarded with better results.
— J.C., Water Specialist
A respected source of leadership in the water sector, and a highly effective coach and mentor.
— Brian McIntosh, Program Manager
Wouter is a brilliant leadership coach. His ability to understand a person and bring out the best in him is unique. I have benefited immensely through his guidance, and I recommend Wouter highly as a leadership coach.
— Rizwan Ali, Hotel Manager
Wouter’s style is warm, insightful and very effective. He brings a rare blend of an east and west cultural background to his coaching skills. Wouter has the knack to expand his client beyond self-imposed limitations. He inspired me to be bold. My confidence surged as a result of visualizing great results and being supported by Wouter to achieve them.
— F.M., Entrepreneur
Coach Wouter has provided me room to reflect on my own personal development and ability for self-mastery to take on the process of leadership, and the importance of investing in my strengths to effectively contribute to social transformation.
— Weena Gera, Postdoctoral Fellow
Group coaching with Wouter was a wonderful chance for all team members to become more open then closer to one another… we learned to co-create solutions with clients and partners in projects, using open questions.
— Water Team, Viet Nam
Wouter is a water Guru and water community of practice leader. He is a capable water leadership coach and I benefitted from his skills.
— Dr Akhtar Ali, Water Resources Specialist
Powerful questions and clever facilitation during coaching sessions have guided me to find my own practical solutions to reach my leadership goals. I also learned how to use different types of “intelligence” for my life and work environments. I am more productive now.
— C.M., Team Leader
Wouter’s questioning approach to taking life as a work in progress is exceptional. He inspired me by being open to change and actively seeking it.
— Austin Parry, Mentor Coach