Transformation First

How will it work for you?  



You will be supported to reach your individual, business, or project goals through a combination of coaching, training, on-the-job learning, facilitation, and advice. The services you choose are tailored to your needs and commitment. You set the agenda and you make the decisions.



Coaching helps you to clarify your goals and provides you with the accountability to achieve them.  Coaching is non-directive and works in a safe and challenging environment that is co-created by the coach and the client with full confidentiality. The relationship takes as starting point that the client is creative, resourceful and whole. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client, and commits to make the coaching relationship with the coach powerful. Coaching can be taken individually and in teams and groups. 



Training enables you to develop critical skills you need to be an effective leader, for example in the use of your multiple intelligences, nurturing your integrity, developing critical thinking, expanding your situational awareness for agile decision-making, mastering effective communication, developing your leadership presence, motivating others, and many more. Methods use a unique blend of East-West approaches for success in Asia and the global market place. To ensure that you keep growing to reach your full potential as a leader, you will learn how to develop your own leadership academy. Training can be taken individually and in groups.


Learning on-the-job

You will be successful in developing your leadership when you use the 70-20-10 rule, as shown in research of the Center for Creative Leadership. According to this rule, 70% of your effort will be devoted to a challenging leadership assignment that your boss gives you, or you create for yourself. To expand your knowledge and skills, 10% of your effort will be focused on training. And, critically, 20% is allocated to continuous coaching to guide and support you throughout the process and hold you accountable for results.  On-the-job learning can be organized individually and in teams and groups, supported by training and coaching.



For projects to accelerate implementation and multiply results, facilitated stakeholder meetings are a key for success. Professional facilitation unlocks win-win solutions and the development of effective partnerships. As project client, you will benefit from one-week intensive engagements that include facilitation of your multi-stakeholder event combined with preparation and after-care, coaching of the project director and his/her team, and strategic advice for the project to move forward and multiply results. Considering our experience and track record, projects for water security, governance, and sustainability can benefit in particular from these one-week intensives. 



What are you doing that you should be doing better? What are you not doing that you should be doing? As a corporate or project client, you benefit from our strategic advice provided along with the coaching, training and facilitation services, drawing on our extensive experience in institutional analysis, organizational development, and strategic planning. You set the agenda, and together we produce the added value that your company or project is looking for. 



As client, you use our services through a combination of online and on-site engagement that meets your needs. Individual training and coaching programs are generally delivered through online learning and Skype sessions. Corporate and team services to companies and projects are delivered through on-site sessions with online support.