Welcome!  I acknowledge you for investing in your development as a water leader by engaging a coach. Welcome to this portal created specially for you as an aspiring leader at the International WaterCentre.

Leadership.  International research shows that your leadership development will be most effective when you use the 70-20-10 rule to commit yourself to doing three things at the same time, so that they can reinforce each other to give you optimal learning and results:

  • take a leadership course  (10%)

  • plunge into a challenging leadership assignment  (70%) 

  • engaging in coaching and mentoring  (20%).

Why.  Coaching is an integral part of your leadership development and helps to bring out the best in you. Just like an athlete, you will become your best and win medals if you work with a coach. Coaching powerfully supports you, like the scaffolding around a tall building during construction. It empowers you to make a difference in your life.

What.  Coaching is a confidential relationship and provides a safe space for open communication, exploration for growth, and accountability for results. In your coaching you set the agenda, and the coach listens and asks powerful questions to help you explore and operationalize your solutions. You also discover resources to support you in your growth.

Attitude. You will show up for coaching as the whole You, as you are, with your intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligences, with your strengths and weaknesses, your hopes and doubts, your successes and failures, your good and bad habits, and above all with your openness, positive attitude, and courage to transform. 

Coach.  As your coach, I am looking forward to support you in becoming a water leader. I expect you to come fully committed to transformation and making a difference. You will benefit from my extensive international experience in water management since 1980, and from my experience as a life and leadership coach since 2009. I am passionate about leadership development and I now work exclusively with aspiring leaders like you who want to become confident and influential change makers. Find out more about me here.

Discovery.  Coaching with me will help you discover how to become a water leader. We will work together in a tailor-made coaching platform. You will engage in an intensive learning experience built around three 1-hour coaching conversations spread over a period of a month or more, and you will work on tough assignments between these conversations. 

Commitment. How committed are you to the coaching process? My clients are successful because they determined to make a difference in their life and work and are committed to following up on their agreed action points and working hard to achieve their goals. How close is this to where you are right now? I expect no less than your full commitment.   

Access.  After signing up below and paying the program fee through PayPal you will get immediate access to our coaching workspace. To learn more about your interests and needs, I also expect you to take the free leadership survey, and to sign up for updates on regular leadership development programs offered by TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd. 

Fee.  As an aspiring leader at the International WaterCentre, I am giving you special access to the Discovery coaching program for a discount fee of USD 595, saving you a full 60% off the regular fee of USD 1,500. Your fee covers the tuition for the full program with the three coaching sessions as well as the other exchanges we will have in our confidential workspace, and the assignments and resources selected to support your specific needs and goals.

Register. Click the immediate access button below to 1) register your name, email and password, 2) make your one-time payment on the PayPal website, and 3) start the program right away.



See you soon,

Coach Wouter

Director and Leadership Coach

TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd