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Rise of the Millennials


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Are You Getting Your Business Ready?  

By 2020, Millennials (GenY) will make up half of the global workforce, bringing profound changes to the way businesses are managed. Executives are already facing challenges to retain GenY managers, who have different values and views on how the success of a business should be measured. Staff attrition poses a high risk to profits, as Millennials work differently: they are mobile, keen on challenges and eager to develop their leadership abilities early on.

How long GenY managers in their early 30s will stay with a company largely depends on the values and skills of the executives to engage their motivation and retain their talent. The need for a change in business culture is urgent, and the margins for error are small. 

Companies who fail to change their culture at work face a high risk of losing out in competition and becoming obsolete.

The Challenge starts at the Top

Many companies are experiencing stagnation in their performance due to poor cross-generational collaboration, loss of talent, and uncertain succession. The challenge for businesses today is to start projects that change the culture and work differently with GenY managers, and find new ways to bring out the best in Millennials.
If this is YOUR company’s challenge too, then join the GenY LEAD Bali Retreat 2017. Work with us to lead from the Top and design Change Projects in your businesses that will double your competitiveness and unleash a wave of cross-generational collaboration in your workplaces.  This cultural change starts with you.

Become a company of first choice for Millennials. Investing in the leadership of GenY managers will double your company’s competitive edge - It’s Your Choice!

The Retreat is about Your Success!

Success in any organization is the success in building chemistry between people.
— Robert Kwan

What is the program?

The GenY LEAD Bali Retreat 2017 is a leadership program that will transform the way you think, communicate and work. It will get you ready to lead a Change Project in your company. The program continues to support you after the retreat when you start the project with the GenY managers. 


Who are the participants?

Managers from Asia and beyond who see the potential and the need to unleash the leadership of Millennials by working with the GenY managers to secure their company’s success into the future.


When does the program start?

You will start your preparations for the program right after you are accepted as a participant. The retreat starts on 16 July at 6 PM and finishes in the night of 21 July. You will then continue working together on your Change Project after the retreat, with our support in free live webinars.


Where is the retreat?

The retreat will be held at a charming Starwood hotel on the outskirts of Ubud, the beautiful capital of culture and the arts in Bali, Indonesia. You will also visit a local community and enjoy nature. Details follow after your application.


What is the objective of the program? 

By joining other managers and working with us, you will lead a Change Project in your company that will unleash cross-generational collaboration and boost your company's competitiveness.


How will we lead Change Projects? 

When you join the program, you will develop your personal power to lead change in your business, by learning and practicing new styles for communication, collaboration and change management that will multiply your impact as you lead the Change Project in your company.


How exclusive is the program?

To ensure that you will receive dedicated personal attention, participation in the program and retreat is limited to 12 senior managers, supported by 4 experienced coaches, and resource persons.


How will we learn more about GenY?

During the retreat, you will connect with young leaders who can give you fresh perspectives as you expand your communication and collaboration styles and practice in a safe environment for your Change Project. 

This was a real retreat, unlike normal courses, it changed my way of thinking.
— 2016 Retreat Participant

What is the flow of the Retreat?

We designed the retreat so that you will learn in an experiential, enjoyable and productive way. Here are the daily themes.

Saturday 15 July at 6 PM—Welcome and individual introductions

Sunday 16 July—Exploring your challenge (company + individual)

Monday 17 July—Discovering the context for your leadership

Tuesday 18 July—Expanding your communication styles

Wednesday 19 July—Letting go and creating new leadership

Thursday 20 July—Prototyping your company’s Change Project

Friday 21 July—Supporting you in leading the change project, and wrapping up the retreat


What benefits can we expect?

THREE main benefits you will get from joining the program are learning how to lead change, starting a Change Project in your company, and building a strong support group for your project.

  • Expanded Knowledge. You will learn how to engage powerfully with GenY managers and staff in your company, with new communication and collaboration styles that you have practiced in the retreat.

  • Change Project. You will know how to lead a Change Project in your company to attract, retain and get the best out of the Millennials staff, with practical strategies you developed in the retreat.

  • Implementation Support. You will build on the experiences of a group of peers, facilitators and coaches to lead the Change Project in your company after the retreat.


Why is the retreat held in Bali?

Bali has been called the island of the gods and the dawn of the world. Visitors are inspired by the friendly people, their rich culture, and the beautiful nature. You can also learn from its unique philosophy for life called Tri Hita Karana (three sources of wellbeing). Ubud is a wonderful place for exploring your leadership transformation.


How is the program different?

What makes this program special is that you get support before, during and after the retreat. We care with you about the results you achieve in the whole program: how you transform your leadership, how you discover and practice new skills at the retreat, and how you make a strong start in leading the Change Project with GenY managers and staff in your company.


Who is organizing the program?  

GenY LEAD Bali Retreat 2017 is organized for you by a team of experienced leadership coaches and facilitators from TransformationFirst.Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore and Flying Elephants in the Netherlands.


Meet your Organizing Team:      

The team from TransformationFirst.Asia and Flying Elephants brings you experts in organizational culture and communication, leadership coaching for change management and cross-generational collaboration, from Asia-focused and global organizations.

Vanh Mixap (Coach Vanh) helps emerging and experienced professionals to develop their leadership in development and tourism projects. As a GenY manager and a social and emotional intelligence coach and facilitator, she is passionate about cross-generational collaboration and empowerment through education. She is Leadership Research Associate at TransformationFirst.Asia.  

Floor de Ruiter (Coach Floor) helps businesses and teams to navigate their way through critical changes. He is an expert in organizational development and communication. His book ValueFraming guides a new generation of leaders in communication, and was awarded Management Book of the Year 2013 in the Netherlands. He is a Founding Partner at Flying Elephants.

Wouter Lincklaen Arriëns (Coach Wouter) helps executives and aspiring leaders in Asia to become influential change makers. With more than 30 years of experience in financing investment projects in Asia, including 20 years at the ADB, his expertise is in leading change with people in the center. He is CEO and Leadership Coach at TransformationFirst.Asia.

Eveline de Wal (Coach Eveline) helps corporate clients, international teams and individual leaders to manage change. As a GenY manager, she has designed and facilitated many leadership programs for management teams, ranging from start-ups to international teams, including in transformational retreats. She is a Founding Partner at Flying Elephants.


How much does the program cost?

The Program Fee was kept as low as possible to make it easy for your company to fund your participation. The fee to join the program is US$ 3,495 per person. This includes your:

  • Online individual assessment

  • Live preparation webinar

  • Tuition for all retreat sessions

  • Transfer from and to the airport

  • Hotel and meals for 7 days 

  • Three live follow-up webinars

  • Access to individual coaching.

The Program Fee excludes your travel costs to Bali. Rooms are on twin-sharing basis. Single occupancy is available at a modest additional cost. Extra individual coaching support besides the webinars can be arranged at cost to help you in implementing your Change Project.  


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Only 12 spots available for managers who obtain a mandate from their chief executive to lead a Change Project that empowers GenY managers in their company to get the best out of their Millennials staff.

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