Aspiring leaders face challenges


The changes happening in Asia today are unprecedented in history.

Economic growth is creating more prosperity than ever before. Cities are expanding, business is booming, and international competition is advancing technologies and innovations that improve the quality of life. This progress has come with a huge price tag that is now threatening the very sustainability of development as we know it. The gap between rich and poor has widened. The environment has degraded. Water, food and energy security are at risk. Climate change is causing more frequent and severe disasters. And relentless pressure from development and globalization is eroding the values and culture that empowered society and economy in the past. Aspiring leaders in business, government and civil society are now inheriting these challenges in a world that is marked by higher risks from uncertainty, ambiguity, interdependency, and volatility. How will they step up to these challenges as they seek to make a difference and lead a successful and meaningful life? How will they lead their staff and business partners in successful and sustainable projects? Where do they start their leadership journey?

Now, as in the past, people transform into leaders by answering these key questions: 

What is my purpose in life and what difference will I make in my family, my work, and the world I live in?

What is my dream as a leader and how can I find my passion to stop myself from falling short of my goals?

How does it feel to live in abundance and how can I overcome my fears of failure and scarcity to influence people and the world around me?

What is the biggest and best life I can live as a leader, and how can I escape mediocrity to grow to my potential?

How can I believe in myself to become successful and overcome the critical voices in my head?

How can I create my own life and future and stop letting my life be determined by others?

How can I change unproductive and destructive habits that block me from gaining success?

How can I inspire others to greatness and become an example for my children and the people around me?

What will people say about me after I die and how can I avoid leaving this life with my song still unsung inside me?